“Tanesha is the best! I love her attention to detail. She listens to everything you say you need and creates the necessary documents to encompass all of the to do list, needs and work necessary to accomplish your goal. It was a blessing working with her on our project!”
“Tanesha has been an enormous help in both my professional and academic writing! As a professional and PhD student she makes me feel at ease during the editing process and shares detailed notes to help enhance any project she reviews. She is timely in her responses, asks great reflection questions to help me expand my thoughts, and encourages me along the way. She is my go-to editor for all of my projects and writing samples!”
Christy Oxendine
PhD Candidate
“I’m so grateful for Tanesha (Ms T) and Red Stapler Associates who masterfully took my vision and ran with it. From concept to physical buildout and finally the opening of our Salon BKB Hair Loss and Restoration Center. Handling onsite construction details and providing excellent communication for everyone kept the project on time. As event coordinator for our Grand Opening, Ms T handled all the particulars to keep the event running smoothly, all presenters ready and informed, and attendees engaged having a great time! We couldn’t have done it without her dedication and commitment to the project. We are forever grateful!“
I could not imagine my business without Red Stapler Associates. Tanesha is so reliable, reassuring, and ON HER STUFF. If there is a problem, she solves it. If we are moving toward a deadline, she stays focused. If I drop a ball, she picks it up. When I say she is my right-hand woman, I am not exaggerating. My business thrives without me being stressed out because of her.

One BIG, practical benefit that I've gotten from working with RSA is sleep. Really. Because I am outsourcing, I have so many more opportunities to rest. Additionally, I've been able to pour more time into my business doing only what I can do.
“Red Stapler Associates came into my life when I was at a dire intersection. I was either going to shut down both of my businesses or lose my mind. They came into the picture and seamlessly began structuring systems that I didn’t even know I needed and helped me maintain both my businesses AND my sanity.

I honestly don’t remember what life as a business owner was like before hiring them and I refer them to all my fellow entrepreneurs. Those smart enough to hire them have nothing but rave reviews.

They are very knowledgeable and resourceful on the ins and outs of keeping my business running smoothly, even in the midst of these treacherous times that are causing a lot of small business owners to shut down or pivot. They are a trusted and integral part of my business and I wouldn’t have anyone else help me steer this ship.“
“Before partnering with Red Stapler Associates, I was struggling to keep up with the necessary tasks that would keep my business afloat. My to-do lists were exhausting and I was spending time and energy on activities that had little to do with reaching and converting business leads, nurturing my clients, or scaling my business. Last year, I took the leap and outsourced a great deal of administrative tasks to Red Stapler Associates and I experienced a surge in business unlike before.

Tanesha is organized and dependable. She also has a business mindset, offering advice and insight on how to streamline certain tasks to increase revenue and gain new or retain current clientele. I am beyond grateful for the work RSA has put into making BHJ & Co. a flourishing business.”
“Tanesha is a lifesaver! Working with her has not only improved my time management, but my overall business structure. She is courteous, timely, professional, and ALWAYS exceeds my expectation. She is a staple for my business and I’m grateful to have her!”